About PayPol

The driven power of the engine of PayPol is love and empathy. We reach out our hands to give, to help, to empower people by providing them the most easiest ways of financial services with the most advanced digital banking and financial technology. Because we know that the laws of the universe is functioning based on the “Law of Giving and Receiving”. We give and provide because we are privileged with this purpose.

We’ve brought opportunity for every individual, businesses and governmental sectors by allowing them to have access to Digital Financial Services through PayPol platform.

Our Digital Financial Services will be offered through a unique financial software called “Hosted Wallet” which is the newest Digital Financial System in the world of technology.

We’ve brought financial facilities in order to enhance the self-confidence of our users, account holders and business partners to connect and transact their financial needs through the PayPol platform in powerful ways.

Through innovation, creativity, compassion and strong combination of technology and trusting partnership PayPol creates the easiest and secured ways to mange and transfer money across the entire country

Choices and flexibility that PayPol offerers to its users to sending payments, paying or getting paid is unique.

PayPol Inc in Afghanistan is the pioneer in smart banking. The world’s first Hosted Wallet linked to a mobile phone and digital devices, the leading remittance network with more than 30000 agents across the entire country. (We’ve targeted to reach to this level during first year).

PayPol is planning to utilize the world’s most advanced technology such as prepaid online payment that enables people to pay online without credit card.

PayPol Inc empower every and each business system solutions provider that allow them to receive online and card payments anytime and from anywhere.

Our Partners

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